Over a multi year partnership, our task is to work with the client product and creative team to use existing hotel space to provide a retail store experience for their Partners to get hands on with the new seasonal products. Each year the look is different and reflects the change in styles while still maintaining their core brand standard. This is always a fun project to work on and see the finished result.

We had the privilege of being invited to provide an Assistant Director to our partner Boom Box Group for the Grand Turismo Tournament in Las Vegas, NV. This was not a normal Assistant Director position. Due to the great partnership with the Producer, our AD was tasked with working with talent and commentators in 8 languages across multiple countries as well as the normal AD duties during the production of the show.

The Executive Producer reached out to us to partner with them for Matilda Jane Clothing’s Semi-Annual Conferences. The need was for a Stage Manager that could not only handle the duties behind the scenes but work with amateur models from their Trunk Keeper teams. Not a big deal for a seasoned Stage Manager, but the trick here was that the main group of models ranged from age 6 months to 8 years old. When you have 30-40 models, in that age group with 1-3 looks each with with a run time of less than 15 minutes for the Fashion Show, things happen fast. It took a large group of dressers, parents and staff members to keep things moving. Our Stage Managernot only their normal kit of supplies and tricks, but a supplemental kit of coloring books, crayons and all sorts of tools to help the team keep everyone busy during the down time.

Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL invited us to provide Steadicam for their Shine Women’s Conference. Even with all the high points of the conference one that stands out was the closing song of the conference. Their team did an excellent job directing and staging this fantastic finale.

We were extremely fortunate to be asked to provide the first Steadicam operator and system for an arena football team by one of our production partners. The Jacksonville Sharks and the officials welcomed us with open arms and really let us push the limits to give the fans and those watching at home some exciting and up close views.