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“Anxiety is not a substitute for preparation” Steve R.

There are two types of people in this world, those that plan and those that wish they had. Imagine every detail mapped out in advance, allowing your vision to take shape without missing crucial details. Our event services begin here and assist you every step of the way to craft your event from start to finish.

Have an event that is partly planned and wish your company had help? Diakon TV, LLC can do that too!

From Registration to On-Site support, let Diakon TV, LLC help you put together all the aspects of your event to insure your attendees have the best experience they possibly can.

We offer full-service packages or we can customize a plan that will fit your specific needs.

  • Sound, Light and Video Production
  • Set Design
  • VIP Special Services
  • Registration
  • Hotel & Venue Selection
  • On-Site Product Outlet
  • Regional Meetings
  • Incentive Trips

Have you ever attended an event that was overshadowed by a less than desirable hotel or venue?

Several factors go into selecting the venue for your event. Don’t get caught by surprises that will ruin your guest’s first impression of the venue. When it comes to hotels, convention centers, arenas, domes or other unique venues, you can rest comfortably knowing Diakon TV, LLC did the research so your event and brand is presented in the best light.

Registration is often the first impression of your event and should be engaging and simple to use for both your attendees and staff. Let Diakon TV, LLC efficiently and cost effectively manage your entire registration process. We will work with you to help you develop and place a system that is right for your specific event size, budget and needs.

Everyone loves an incentive trip! They’re held in beautiful locations filled with fun and once in a lifetime experiences. This is an extremely motivating reward and recognition opportunity for your team, it is also a time to encourage them, keep them on track, and inspire them to inspire others.
Don’t spoil a great opportunity by relying solely on an incentive trip location to work this magic. Diakon TV, LLC understands the little things that can be done to make your trip a smashing success without blowing the budget.

As part of the overall strategic plan of your organization, Virtual and Regional events complement your Annual Conference and Incentive Trips. Your message can be part of the build up to your larger events or carry on the messages taken from them by your attendees.

Whether they happen simultaneously or are a touring road show, Diakon TV, LLC will make sure they are unique and engaging. The bottom line is, no matter the event size, your attendees should leave educated, inspired and inspired!

An event is the perfect time to provide training tools, apparel, logo items and other conference specials for your attendees. If you don’t deliver the right sales experience, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity. Long frustrating lines, confusing product displays and poor locations are just a few things that Diakon TV, LLC can help you avoid. Don’t let your product store be an after thought, make it a source of pride and a place your attendees want to be.

The VIP experience can quickly become the talk of an event. VIP services are like conducting an orchestra with many instruments working together to create a performance that will leave an amazing impression. Diakon TV, LLC has a number of small and big ways to give every attendee a VIP experience that will keep them buzzing.

Curious how we can help you?

Wether you are looking for a partner to manage your entire event from start to finish or a strategic set of specialized resources – we are ready to support you.

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