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Let’s face it events have changed and adapted to the times that we are currently in. Virtual Events are here to stay, as either the primary way of getting your message out or to enlarge the attendance at your event. We take advantage of multiple technologies and redundant systems to deliver your event virtual so that you can maximize your audience and reach everyone with your message.

Let us show you how you can have just as many attendees outside the walls of your next event as there are inside.

Sets comes in all shapes and sizes. With the advancement of technology over the years we have been able to create powerful sets that include elements of virtualization and hard set pieces. Virtual Events need set design as well. It can be simple branding or complex worlds that your on stage team interacts with. We have the experience and knowledge to deliver compelling and interactive sets either in person or virtually that make your theme and brand stand out to your attendees.

Video Production has changed quite a bit over the years. Just about anyone can produce a high quality video these days, however, it takes experts to be make sure your content stays on message and to the point. We have the experience to create compelling videos that when presented to your attendees will be impactful and convey the message you want delivered.

We offer single camera, multi-camera fly packs and full production trucks for your event.

We have a variety of tools in our video tool box to help you produce a successful video production including:

  • Jib
  • Steadicam
  • Remote Cameras
  • Distance Presenter Sets

How many times have you watched a speaker present by reading their slides to the audience? Attendees soon tune out because they can read the slides just as well as the presenter. Presenters should not use their visual support as a script.

Diakon TV, LLC can create compelling visual support emphasizing key points in a memorable way that will keep your audience actively listening.

We can also partner with you to make sure that there is cohesive branding and message throughout the entire event by working with your speakers to show off the branding and products that make you who you are.

Training videos don’t have to be dry and boring. They can be fun and exciting as well as informative. Allow our team to help craft your message with the information that the viewer needs, while presenting the content in a way that will engage the viewer.

We are experts at creating training videos that people don’t just need to watch, they want to watch.

Keep your attendees’ passion going long after the event is over by providing event highlights showcasing educational seminars, inspirational moments, and key recognition. Whether it’s a photo or video retrospective, this allows those who could not attend an opportunity to share in the excitement and see what they missed.

The event highlights group at Diakon TV, LLC can provide full-service photography and video services for every stage of your event.

At an event your attendees’ passion for your product or service is amplified. When they are this motivated and inspired they cannot help but share that enthusiasm with others. Let Diakon TV, LLC provide a team to capture that excitement and passion.

Our set ups range from “man on the street” to completely produced sit down interviews. Either way, this footage is priceless for use at your current event and in marketing future events.

Curious about how we can partner with you and your team?

The project size doesn’t matter to us, we will work with you to develop a plan that makes you shine and lets us do the heavy lifting for you.

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